Partition Doctor


Recover files from your hard drive and restore damaged files


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Have you accidentally erased a folder or formatted a hard disk by mistake? Don't panic, Partition Doctor can save everything you need from your hard disk, partition tables, and boot records so that you can automatically restore damaged files and repair directory structures.

Windows itself has a tool to scan and repair damaged disks, restoring your access, but it only works with simple errors and when things get really rough, Windows can't reach the directories it's lost, or recover partitions after having formatted the disc. That's where Partition Doctor comes in handy.

How does it work? This program is designed to carefully recover all possible data from severely-damaged partitions or disc drives in bad condition, and it doesn't need an expert user to do so: it's professional software created for novices.

Partition Doctor includes a simple wizard that guides you through entire process of saving your work by automatically scanning your hard drives for lost or corrupted partitions, re-creating file and directory structures, and finally letting you select file and folders to recover.

Partition Doctor recovers: files, folders, partition tables and directory structures like NTFS, NTFS4, NTFS5, FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, VFAT, MFT, and MBR. It has the capacity to preview 150 different file formats.


30-day trial.

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